Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Excuse Moi! and Pepe's Purple Passion by OPI

Two add to my family of Muppets polishes, I received these two impossibly sparkly colors as Christmas gifts. Excuse Moi! is a deep pink based glitter with flecks of purple and silver. The overall effect has a lot of depth; this is something that can sometimes be missing from polishes made entirely of sparkle. Pepe's Purple Passion is equally unique in that it appears purple, but it has flecks of pink glitter throughout. They had hardly been seen in the picture, but in the sunlight they appear to be almost the same shade that is found in Excuse Moi!. These colors were perfect together, and made for a nice change from all the Christmas-themed hues. 

Excuse Moi!: B+
Pepe's Purple Passion: B 

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