Saturday, January 21, 2012

Double Feature: Trina by Julep and Tutu Cute by Ulta

Since I had gotten sidetracked while working through both my ULTA and Julep polishes I decided to hit two birds with one manicure (and how convenient that they were both shades of purple!). On the nail Trina is a deep, almost black, purple that really comes alive in the sun. Tutu Cute is a creamy lavender that served as a perfect contrast. Per usual of ULTA polishes Tutu Cute went on smoothly and achieved perfect coverage in just one coat. The color alone is not one that I'm crazy about, but it has endless combination possibilities. Trina also went on easily and only required one coat for solid coverage. This is a color that is more up my ally, but I think it also shines in the world of combinations. 

Trina Rating: B+
Tutu Cute Rating: C
Combination Rating: A+

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