Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deep Purple by Xtreme Wear

When you've got a habit as serious as mine, you can't always afford the more expensive brands of polish. An inexpensive brand (only $2.50 a bottle!!) that I've come to love is Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen. The polish is high quality, long lasting, and the brand is XTREMEly fond of iridescent colors and glitters. I'd been on a hunt for an iridescent grape color, and I may have screamed a little when I found this gem in Target. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It covered smoothly, managed to make it through Thanksgiving cooking and three rounds of Black Friday shopping without chipping, and garnered numerous compliments from strangers. This picture is in the sunlight and shows the color after two coats.

Rating: A

Sew Totally Psyched by Essie

I could once have been accused of being an OPI snob, but the second I gave Essie polishes a chance I knew how wrong I'd been. The coverage is amazing, the polish goes on incredibly easy, and their colors are refreshingly unique. Now that I've gushed about how much I love the brand, you can imagine how excited I was to give this color a try. In the bottle it looks like an army green, but once on the nails it has gray undertones that made it near and dear to my heart. This picture shows two coats in sunlight.

Rating: B

Wocka Wocka by OPI

As we continue our journey through the land of the Muppets Collection, we arrive at this wonderfully rich red polish. In some lights it almost looks maroon, but this picture is taken in sunlight so show its true color. I used only two coats, because I didn't want it to get too much darker. Red is a definite go-to for the holiday season, and this shade gives a new depth to this classic choice.

Rating: A

Rainbow Connection by OPI

Another visit to OPI's amazing Muppets Collection, this color is without a doubt the best combination of colors and sizes I've ever seen in a glitter. This diversity makes the polish incredibly versatile and perfect for mixing and matching. This picture shows it after three coats and in direct sunlight. The coverage is incredible, the colors are beautiful, and removal is pleasantly easy. It was definitely love at first wear with this one.

Rating: A++++

Divine Swine by OPI

This gorgeous color, part of OPI's brand new Muppets Collections, is made entirely of magenta and silver pieces of glitter. The clear base allows the smaller flecks of color and bigger pieces of silver to go perfectly over a color or create a statement all their own. This picture is taken in the sunlight, so the sparkle can really be seen, and features three coats of the polish. The coverage is surprisingly good for a glitter, but the removal is just as much a pain as glitter polish has ever been.

Rating: A-

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If My Life Had a Title

If my life had a title it would be "The Nail Polish Chronicles." No matter where I am or what I'm doing, you can bet that I've paid meticulous attention to my nails. I buy and research nail polish constantly. I could talk about it for hours on end, and sometimes I do just that. This obsession has garnered me quite a collection of polishes, and I realized recently that I've been neglecting some of them. I have almost 90 bottles and have not even worn some of them. This is a serious problem. 

That's why I've decided that I'm going to make a point to wear every single color I own. I want to enjoy each and every color, because I'm crazy enough to believe that that's what they deserve. That is what's brought us here. I am about to embark on a very serious and awesome journey, and I don't want to do it alone. To ensure completion of this task I figure I should set a few ground rules for myself.

1. I will paint my nails twice a week. 
2. I will work my way, from left to right, through these color wheels.

3. If the polish is an affect (i.e. shatter or matte) I'll put it on top of the color prior to it on the wheel.
4. If (when) I buy new colors they'll jump to the beginning of the line.
5. I will post a picture and blurb about each color on here before I change to the next color. 

I currently own 83 bottles. This means that I'll complete this project 42 weeks from now, putting my date of completion at August 25, 2012. Now, that's only if I don't purchase any new polishes in the next 10 months, and that's nearly impossible. So, I could finish next summer, I could finish 5 years from now, but the only way to know is to get this party started.